We design context driven Google Glass services.

As we move past the age of smartphones into the era of sensors, wearables and Google Glass new services will emerge. Our loved physical world will be connected with the power of the internet opening up new ways of doing the things we love. GLASSEFFECT* designs services for this new era of context driven services


  • Context Mapping

    ¬†Designing Google Glass services requires to understand the user’s context. With Context Mapping we help you to find relevant contextual triggers to design Glass services.

  • Concept Development

    We can support you with eyeopening presentations, inspirational workshops or hackathons

  • App Development

    Developing Glassware & apps. Launching and promoting your Glass project with the world

Glass Video


  • Workshop and Hackathon
  • Workshop, Consulting and POC
  • Workshop and POC
  • Workshop and Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Workshop and Hackathon
  • Workshop
  • Workshop
  • Workshop
  • Applicatie ontwikkeling
  • Workshop
  • Workshop
  • Workshop
  • Workshop


GLASSEFFECT is founded by

Raimo van der Klein



We are located in the magnificent Beurs van Berlage in the centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Industries
Oudebrugsteeg 9


Glass is a trademark of Google Inc.